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Aiyana Raven

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States





Sharing skills/knowledge openly builds trust, fosters creative flow & collaboration.

Tenets I practice relentlessly...

& with a certain ferocity.


Full-Service Design Studio - Dev - Pattern - Cut / Sew / Trim

I've never quite been so-all-about what I do for work|life,it requires discipline sometimes to take a break from working [creating].Pattern-work, product development, specs dev, are, by far, the most satisfying aspects of the design process for me - akin to architecture - of the 3D human form. I also relish the whole - Form < = > Function - interplay... to no end...


Apparel Design / Production / Dye Sublimation Printing

Soft-goods Design and Manufacture

Bespoke Tailoring

Custom Interior Furnishings, Installations, & Light Carpentry

Business Owner - Specialty Residential /Commercial Painting


Community Organizer

Innovative Language Education & Pedagogy

Education Admin

Individualized Language Instruction :

- English 3 years in Mexico

- Combined Spanish / English Intercambio - 2 years in U.S.A.

Advocacy + Collaboration in various Orgs and Communities

Bike Mechanic & Sales


Avid MTB & Urban Cycling >

I ride an older KONA year-round & throughout the whole MN winter

MMA Training >

Hand-to hand sword & bladed weapon melee combat (if interested in sparring - don't hesitate to contact me!)

Geek Tech >

I can't help myself but get really deep into Linux, Open Source, Mods, etc.

Visual Art & Typography >

Serious font nerd. Never enough time spent drawing.

Music & Dance >

Punk Rock, etc. Bass guitar.

Travel >

Immersion is so invaluable, if I would have known sooner...! Now that I'm basically re-established in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN, I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to relate to people from all around the globe.

  • Work
    • Look Inc.
  • Education
    • edX
    • Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Pue, PUE, MX
    • Apparel Design/Studio Arts - University of MN
    • Women Venture - St. Paul, MN
    • Science Museum of Minnesota