You were listed as on of the "must hears" in the LA unsigned scene. What does that do for you?

It actually does alot for me. Everyone's main goal is to be heard and it makes me want to make more music and continue to be heard.

How'd you come up with the name 'AIYYO'?

I needed a name while I was DJing. It's actually kind of funny, when I was in High School my friend used to yell "HEY-YO" to me from across the quad and I would yell back "AIIGHT". I guess other people thought that was my real name for a while and started calling me that in the hall. Pretty soon people would look and see if I was around if someone yelled out "HEY-YO". I took the Aiyyo part and just kept it as my DJ name

So you DJ'd, huh? Pretty good on an artists' resume. How long has music been your focus?

Well I've been around music my whole life but I was actually pushed to take music more seriously by some of my friends. Damn near every party I'd end up in a freestyle session. After every session, someone would always ask me why I'm not taking this more seriously. I guess inception does work.

We'd like to think most artists' lyrics are autobiographical. In your song "Stage 5", you have a crazy stalker situation. Any truth?

Yup. That's where I got that topic from. Real life experience. We're good now though...I think.

What can we expect from you in 2011?

Another birthday.

What's your favorite color?

Green. I love it when girls wear it to my shows. I usually pass out hundreds in monopoly dollars.

Is there an artist out there you really wanna work with in the future?

There's a lot of people actually. Off the top, I'd really wanna work with Kanye and his team.

We've seen one of your shows. What seperates you from other performers?

I AM a performer. Everyone knows how to eat, not everyone can cook though. I prepare my own dishes.

What are some of your goals?

All of the above; Grammys, VMAs. Hell, the CMAs, an Emmy, an Oscar, the Heisman, medal of honor, Kerry Hilson's phone number. (Laughs)