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Aizaz Ahmad

Peshawar, Pakistan

"I'm just another ordinary person with intellectual thoughts who gives significance to existence of every individuals but liars and hypocrites."
I am a student currently studying Computer Science at UET, Peshawar, but my interests range far and wide. I've been passionately involved in creative endeavours since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Science has been a big part of my life for some time now, but I still feel that I am only scratching the surface. But of course, that is all part of the fun, right? In a nut-shell, science is awesome!
All those text books can get a bit much sometimes though, so in my rare spare time I take on the roll of a amateur photographer. I'm also a passionate computer geek, tech geek, music addict. I like to watch movies. I like to hangout and go outdoor adventures with my cousins and friends; I really enjoy their witty jokes and funny interactions.

The words that can describe me are "Meticulous" and "Ubergeeky!" :)

Following lines can describe me better than anything else:

I wish to be a star,
Poetry in brilliance, dazzling in light
I wish to be a cloud,
Wondering over high hills
I wish to be the wind;
Blowing over green fields
I wish to be the spring;
That makes people love nature
I wish to be a wish; that rises in every person's heart.