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hello! im maria, obviously a girl, 16 yrs old. my birthdays on november 12th and my zodiac sign is scorpio.

basically i spam a lot (and i mean a lot) and i personally think im fairly nice/approachable though some people share different opinions. basically i wont bite if you arent rude or annoying. feel free to DM me to talk or to comment on my pics, i usually reply!

i mostly post love live/sif, but also bghs and idolish7, and occasionally ensemble stars and yumeiro cast; or any anime im watching at the time

im a big fan of love live, idolish7, b-project, makai ouji, starmyu, and pokemon! if you share any of these interests, yes, i'd love to talk!

my favorite characters are kanon kougami (bghs), maki nishikino (love live), honoka kousaka (love live), chika takami (love live), tenn kujo (idolish7), wataru hibiki (ensemble stars), subaru jougasaki (yumeiro cast), kento aizome (b-project), goushi kaneshiro (b-project), miroku shingari (b-project), shun shimotsuki (tsukiuta), syo kurusu (utapri), izumi toraishi (starmyu), and kurapika (hunterxhunter). if you also like them thats great! and i would love to talk about them with you.

>> favorite units: THRIVE, Killer King, TRIGGER, fine, 2wink, BiBi, CYaRon!

and i really HATE rin hoshizora from love live. you can ask why, as long as you arent one of those dumbasses that cant understand why would their nya girl be hated

you shouldnt follow me if you cant handle seeing your best girls/boys being hated on (i make fun of characters i like too so u can imagine what i say abt characters i dont like) or if you dont like the fact that i might share some favorites with you.

if u comment that u love any of my favorites more than me i am blocking u not bc i think i love them more but bc thats fucking annoying. thank u

pls be aware that i might soft block you if i dont want you following me for any reason.

if i'm on private, DM a picture of one of my favorite characters to be accepted.

my thiscrush is linked above.