AJ Discala

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

With years of experience spanning with the financial and the philanthropic worlds, AJ Discala is a man who is known for putting his all into what he does. With a successful career in finance and a charitable organization in his name, AJ is poised to increase his success in his profession and to increase the amount of good he can do in the world.

Through his over 20 years of experience involved in financial advising, principal investing, and merchant, AJ has made a name for himself as powerful figure with cutting-edge ideas and the ability to plan ahead for maximum investment. However, business isn’t the only arena that Abraxas has thrown himself into. AJ is also the founder of the Discala Foundation, a non-profit that is focused on helping children around the world. Due to the fact that 100% of the money donated goes directly to the children, the Discala Foundation is an incredibly effective charity and has improved lives around the world. AJ also has experience in raising capital for investments using private placements, alternative public offerings or reverse take overs on OTC markets in the United States.