Finance & Accounting Professional in San Diego, California

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Allan has roots in the Philippines, Guam and Southern California. Allan's professional motivations are made up of a yearning fanaticism to purposefully innovate and a self imposed responsibility to give back to his parents and the community. This can be attributed to his unique upbringing. Allan grew up in the island of Guam where his parents purchased an acre of undeveloped land (no roads!) where they grew their own fruits and vegetables, hunted wild boar and deer and even raised their own livestock. There, he learned the importance of strong family values, the overlooked artistry of building real, substantive relationships, the luxury of a simple lifestyle, and some gritty survival skills like building a hut and how to build a roaring campfire. Although Allan loved the islander lifestyle, Allan's spirit overflowed with ambition and, in the summer of 2007 before his senior year of high school, decided to move to California to build his career.

Allan has aspirations of becoming a financial leader and an operational business expert. His goal is to build a career in growing disruptive and purpose-driven businesses from the ground up.

Allan likes the beach, learning about business (big tech, startups, nonprofit crowdfunders), leadership, music, new technology, travel, and architecture.

  • Education
    • University of California, Riverside