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AJ James

Welcome...and thank you for visiting my profile!

I am the CEO and Founder of Sample Central the unique members only retail experience that links FMCG and consumer products to their targeted audience and gains true insights into their opinion about those products, now with franchise partners in over 20 countries.

With an entrepreneurial vision, creativity and flair for business, I have also been responsible for sales and marketing activities across multiple countries and cultures for large enterprises, as well as leading a very large global creative and digital team on the agency side.

I have worked extensively in Asia, USA, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and am seeking new challenges.

A few reasons why we should connect and speak...

• You are looking for a senior sales and marketing professional who can develop the strategy, as well as drive the sales effort and develop new revenue streams

• You desire a person who is strategic, tactical and creative in their thinking...someone who is passionate and cares about the business like it was their own!

• You need a person on your team who can creatively identify ways to improve profitability, enhance margins, and achieve sustainable competitive advantage

• You want someone with international cross-boarder, sales, negotiation, management and leadership skills

• You are looking for a person who demonstrates in everything they do — adaptability, creativity, empathy, flexibility, organizational awareness and relationship management — at the same time being curious, insightful, inspirational and determined...

I am passionate about showing you how my background, experience and expertise can work for you. I have my entire profile on LinedIn, including's a start! I look forward to speaking with you and giving you the whole story...