AJ Maimbourg

I am a political activist whose passion is to root the corruption from the government; thusly, I formed the "Reclamation Group" (find it on Facebhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/333678703348586/ook). I am an adamant Ron Paul supporter and truly belive he is our only hope. (That is me to the right of the picture with the short, spiked hair on stage with Ron Paul).

I am involved heavily in my daughter and son-in-law's Pure Health Food Store in Las Vegas (www.purehealthfoodslv.com) and am committed to a healthy lifestyle which I firmly believe diet and exercise is the key to a prolonged, disease-free life. I publish a column "AJ's Daily Health Alerts" daily and if you are interested in receiving, please email me.

I am also actively involved in cleaning up our environment and fundamently educating people about Smart Meters, Chem Trails, the evils of Monsanto and the horrific dangers to our health with GMO's, pesitides and pharmaceutical drugs!

I love mingling with like-minded people of all colors, faith and walks of life.....I believe their is too much hatred and violence in our world and that that is all a part of our government plot to destroy the Republic we once knew and loved as the United States of America!

I do not condone "organized religion", but, DO have my personal relationship with my God and will do everything in my power I can do to instill him back into our lives.