Abdulrahman Jaber

Istanbul, Turkey.

Founder of Snono, a visual design consultancy based in Yemen. (more in the website: www.snono.com)
Creative Director with experience in Art Direction, Branding, Visual Communication,Marketing Services, Print, Photography, Website Design and Interior Design.

As the Creative Director of Snono, I designed and developed many of the biggest brands in the country such as the National Food and Dairy Company (Nadfood),National Trading Company (Natco), the General Investment Authority and the National Cement Company. Working in development field was the main business for our company for some years and we did great successful stories with local partners and international ones like UNDP, ILO and World Bank.

Visual Artist whose work was exhibited in Yemen, UAE, France and United State. ( more about the art projects in the website: www.ajaber.com)
Passionate observer and activist in the Art scene in Yemen who is being involved as speaker in many design, art and photography related events in Yemen.

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