Aja Hardy

Consultant, Project Manager, and strategy innovation in Chicago, Illinois

I am a...Healthcare Strategist, Innovation Architect, and Travel Wandress that has been to seven countries and counting. My love of science and business came in the age of managed care and shifted my career from physician road to global public health. I asked companies about their social responsibility charter before the phrase was popular and continue to create value for the greater good along with sustainable profitability.

Professionally, I received my Bachelors in Biology Pre-Med, and my Masters in Public Health and Business Administration respectively, focusing on health systems management, end-to-end commercial strategy development, and internal liaison for innovation. In my spare time (?), I have authored a fashion/beauty blog with PrettyCity.com, created one of the first fundraising events for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, became an ONCHIT HIE grant reviewer and continue to serve on several boards. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile if you'd like to see more.