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aja gill

aja gill

Hello, I am Aja Gill. I am a twentyone year old college student that loves girl things. If it's not makeup, it's clothes and if its not the two of those things then it is hair! I dont know how I became so girly, since I can remeber I was playing in my mother and Grandother's make up and puyyying everything I can find in my babydoll's hair. I truly believe that I have a passion for hair. My mom was a hair stylist and my dad is a barber, so I guess it comes natural!

During my spare time, I enjoy doing hair. There is no greater feeling in the worl, then to know that I help someone feel better about themselves, by doing something that I love doing.

To check out my styles and rates, follow me on instegram @ajataughtyou_ or email me at