Anna Jalas-Karjalainen

Anna Jalas-Karjalainen

Little by little, one travels far.
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Creative writing has been my passion from the age of seven when I started my very first "novel", as I called it, on my father's old typewriter.

I seek inspiration from the people around me, enjoy continuous learning and generating ideas. New thoughts and creative challenges bring out the best in me and make the difference in my work. My goal is to work in communications with inspiring people using my expertise – e.g. marketing, writing, organizing, education, publishing, food and/or literature.

On my free time I enjoy family life, yoga and slow cooking on weekends. My lifestyle blog Rauhaa ja rakkautta is my think tank, notebook and own little corner.

Has worked in marketing, communications, education and publishing. Currently project manager & copywriter @ Orange Advertising. A master's degree in Finnish literature and a qualified teacher of mother language and literature.