A.J. Ali

Filmmaker, Actor, and Writer in Santa Monica, California

A.J. Ali

Filmmaker, Actor, and Writer in Santa Monica, California

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Hey, I’m A.J. Ali!

I'm a Filmmaker, Actor, TV Host & Writer in Santa Monica, California.

My award-winning documentary film, WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer, is improving relations between police and people of color (www.walkingwhileblack.com). Watch the film now at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/wwb3dayrental. It has inspired a movement of reconciliation called the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer Movement (www.trylovenow.com). I'm available to come to your city to show the film, participate in a Q&A and teach a L.O.V.E. Is The Answer workshop, guaranteed to improve police-community relations. The workshop is also great for community and corporate audiences who just want to learn how to get along better with their neighbors or relate to their customers on a more meaningful level.

I'm also the host and producer of Wellness 101, a wellness game show helping people live their most amazing life! See and participate at www.wellness101life.com and at www.facebook.com/wellness101life.

I have two films in development right now -- Chocolate, Pennsylvania (a romantic comedy about a small town near Philly where some white people turn black and some black people turn white -- hilarious!) and Invisible Bob (a drama about a veteran whose life spirals out of control and he becomes homeless). I also have a TV show in development called "5-0 The Show," which, by sharing incredible stories of peace officers beyond the badge, is a great companion program to my film, "WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer."

Read my True Champion's 30-Day Challenge book to take your life to another level. https://www.facebook.com/TheTrueChampions30DayChallenge/.

You can still see episodes of my Good Fellas of Baltimore TV series (and other work) online on YouTube -- the show that raised loads of support and $$$ for charities and families in need.

See my entire work history at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4390822/resume and https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajali.

When I'm not working, I enjoy golf, the beach, travel adventures and kicking back with family and friends over healthy outdoor activities, good meals and plenty of laughter!

Get in touch with me and let's do something together that will enrich our lives, inspire others and make the world a better place!

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