Ajay Anthony Kanjiraparamban

Husband, Father and Product Manager in California

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Hello, I’m Ajay.

I believe in 2 things -

#1 We never stop learning. Though cliched, whether we all agree or not, we forcefully learn something everyday. Be it a new phone, a new route to home/work/school, new people and new cultures. Dont fight it, embrace it. Our older selves will thank us for it.

#2 Giving back more than i take. Any which way you look it, there are people in far-worser conditions than we are today. And people in these conditions don't require hand-outs or punishment. They need respect and guidance. I'm hoping to build up courage and knowledge in impacting this.

I find Joy (and a whole load of it) in experiences! Be it people (family and friends), culture (cities across the globe), mother nature (untouched landscapes) or man-made physics-challenging experiences (adrenaline rushes).

The moment i realized i had a passion for technology was after reading my 1st copy of CHIP magazine. This lead to me becoming the 'PC guy' for my classmates (in my 1st year at computer science engineering school in India, 1998). My 1st question was always - "What would you like to be able to do with this PC?". I was also the person to introduce AMD's to most of my batchmates, as the 'Intel inside' promo's had created quite an impression. My own PC came about in the latter part of my 2nd year in school.