Ajay Kolla

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Ajay Kolla, CEO Wisdom Jobs, is one of the youngest self-made entrepreneurs who is making his presence felt in a unique way and has made an impact in the Indian corporate world with an amazing success, in a very short span of time. What makes him excel is his perseverance and determination to stay the course even when the going gets tough and his belief in his own will power is what makes him succeed in doing so and achieving it with flying colors as he was quoted saying, “When the going gets tough, it’s fun to work.”
Like his other counter parts, before realizing his dreams, he also ran behind the big bucks and big names, and did not enjoy working for others and soon detached himself from it and started working for himself. He began his career with as an ABAP Consultant with InfoTech Enterprises, and climbed his way to success one after the other with TCS and Tieto where he leveled up to a Technical advisor. After having gained enough experience, insight, and the nitty-gritty of the corporate world in general, and the IT industry in particular, to tap the market and establish a strong presence in recruitment world, he started with a job portal in India.
Ajay founded Wisdom IT Services in the year 2010 with the aim of providing specialized resource management services in India, which he expanded to US, Canada, South Africa, India, Gulf, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Italy, and the UK; after toiling his heart and sweat. To attain his mission and objectives of Wisdom Jobs, he followed the 5P’s concept which is planning, preparation, practice, presentation and personality; so that there is no focus shift in attaining the goals.
Ajay Kolla is considered to be a perfectionist and has always strived to make sure that Wisdom Jobs delivers quality talent to employers and right jobs to the job seekers. Wisdom jobs truly values its people helps them to love their jobs, and to build their careers here. It is a place where people work very hard, aspires to do their best, and seek opportunity for advancement and professional growth. Wisdom fosters a learning environment and provides ongoing training and mentoring for employees to help them continue to excel in their current and f

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