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Ajay Shah

Bangalore, India

“Ajay” means “invincible”....Much to the contrary, I weigh a little over 100 pounds, and my friends often call me “broomstick”.

Love working with numbers....Glued to math puzzles in my free time....Or engrossed in number-crunching on complex client engagements.

Specialize in Financial Statements Audit and Process Review engagements of listed and global companies. Currently managing Operations & Finance of family's Agribusiness venture.

Aspire to set-up my Strategy Consulting Firm in the long-term to promote sustainability/growth of Small & Medium Enterprises in emerging economies. Consequently, intend to pursue an MBA for sharpening my visionary outlook and strategic thinking abilities.

Outside work, love playing sports – cricket, soccer, basketball – and have fractured my wrist and elbow on two occasions....gonna take a lot more to make me quit playing!

Also passionate about directing stage's an opportunity to bring out life and its related emotions embedded in interesting scripts. Learnt valuable lessons in decision-making, persuasion and resilience, by overcoming several adversaries that came wih the job.

Favourite reads - “Atlas Shrugged” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Things I really want to do in the near future - learn to play drums and hit the gym.

  • Work
    • L.D.B. Enterprises (Family Agribusiness)
  • Education
    • Christ College - Bangalore
    • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India