Ajay Arumugam

Ajay Arumugam is a Michigan State University alumnus, earning a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media Communications and a Bachelor's degree in Economics with a Business Management minor.

Ajay has broad experience in management, daily business operations, marketing, business strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources, compliance with state and federal regulations, advertising, and PR.

Ajay brings extensive knowledge of information technology management, project management, strategic marketing and strategic business operations. He is considered an expert in project management and entrepreneurship. He has consistently been recognized for his knowledge and expertise, and for his ability to accomplish the near impossible.

Considered a leader in business operations, he is experienced in building strong management teams and has been responsible for all major company functions, including marketing, product development, strategic planning and business management.

An active philanthropist, he is involved with many organizations, including the American Red Cross, where he volunteers regularly. In addition, he is also a disaster relief volunteer and frequently volunteers at local hospitals.