ajay lohan

Ajay Lohan (born Ajay kumar Lohan january 14) is an Indian writer, director and poet.

He worked as a writer in the 1990s, writing comics and poems for kids and publishing short humorous poems and stories. Ajay began writing short jokes when he was eleven. As a intellectual writer, he developed the persona of an comedian, intellectual and a romantic writer, which he also maintains in his real-life personality. In 2006 he passed from asia’s top most film school with distinction and started working for television.

During early 2005 Ajay produced,programmed and edited many radio programmes for radio jamia and also played an important role in the installation of the transmitter and the radio station set up of the same. He was very popular at the radio programmes because of his unique style of writing and presentation. People named him “SANKAT MOCHAN” as he always saved the programmes by his writing and voice skills.

During early 2006, He played handful and supportive in the installation of the india’s first HIGH DEFINATION television set up. Through his deep knowledge of digital technology in TELEVISION and CINEMA , he explored the new heights on Indian broadcasting.

By the early-2007 Ajay was writing and directing Indian televion fiction shows, first specializing in TV soap operas before moving into the dramatic feature films of BOLLYWOOD. In 2009 he entered into the world of animation. He directed an animation film in which ayushmann khuraana was the main voice.

Later he Directed a Hindi feature film “love ki maa ki” which was also written by him now titled as “Romeo Idiot Desi Juliet”,currently in post production . Along with these Films he was the Associate director of karzzzzreleased by big films(2008), tere

Sangreleased by Columbia pictures(2009) and also the associate director of film called “CALANDAR GIRLS” directed by Madhur Bhandarkar.