Ajay Prasad

Product Designer, MBA Student, and Explorer in Bengaluru, India

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My passion lies in building innovative and useful products/services that empower people with technology and help them improve their lives. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some great ideas with some really smart people in my previous stints at Amazon India, Microsoft LiveLabs, Oracle R&D, and Hewlett Packard Labs.

I have a diverse background in computer science, design and psychology. I graduated with an interdisciplinary degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania. I also went on to study (part-time) Artificial Intelligence & Databases at Stanford University along with a specialization in Graphic Design from UCal Berkeley. With my business education at IIM-Bangalore, I plan to develop a synthesized experience in business and design thinking.

While I'm not busy whiteboarding, brainstorming ideas or moving pixels, I can be found traveling or running a non-profit foundation.

Other Interests: Behavioral Economics, Philosophy, Sustainable Architecture, Music, TED, Leadership.

  • Education
    • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
    • Carnegie Mellon University