Ajay Ravindra

SF Bay Area

This page is to help correlate my identity with my name.

At different stages of my life, I have been (or continue to be) associated with CodePrepper, EventYoda, India Literacy Project, USC, RVCE, Kumaran's, SRV, Vijaya College of Music, Motorola, Cisco and Sangeet Mehfil.

You will mostly find me humming a tune, arguing on the opposite side, questioning authority, laughing a loud laugh, brainstorming ideas, hiking up mountains, talking about dogs, compulsively cleaning my desk, hosting a gratis-kitchen or keeping people waiting while taking forever to finish my food.

Feel free to get in touch; I'm sure we have many stories to share.

  • Work
    • Nest Labs
  • Education
    • USC
    • RVCE
    • Kumaran's
    • SRV