Adam Bennett

I have been playing drums for over 20 years now and currently have over 9 years of teaching experience. I am comfortable playing all styles and am a proficient sight reader of music. I started playing drums at the tender age of 7 and I vividly remember exactly what it was that got me into drumming. One Sunday afternoon I was watching a documentary on classic 80’s bands, equipped with huge Drum Kits taking up most of the stage. I then proceeded to empty out a tonne of boxes in my room, cut holes in them and sticky-tape bits together to create my first drum kit (using pencils as sticks). At that point, my dad thought it would be a good idea to send me off for Drum Lessons and from that moment on I have never looked back. From the age of 15, I have been involved with many styles of band. Ranging from after school rehersals with my school band and church groups, all the way through to heavy rock and R&B.; I have played gigs at intimate venues, 2,500 strong auditoriums and have cut a few albums, one of which was sold in multiple countries including America.