Alan Boyd

My name is Alan (obviously!) I'm from a town in west central Scotland called Lanark. Born and bred and lived here all my days! Been through school and college and all that: graduated with a HND in Garden Design, I've also worked as a greenkeeper on a golf course, I do a small bit of garden work on the side, but my main occupation is an apprentice butcher. I'm a believer, in a way that I believe in God. I'm a member of the Church of Scotland through Greyfriars Parish Church in Lanark, and my faith and involvement within the church plays a major part in my life. That, along with my involvement in local organisations such as the Panto Club and Lanark Lanimers makes me a very busy boy. I'm sometimes slated by my mum for treating my house as a hotel, since all I seem to do is eat and sleep there. I wouldn't have it any other way though. It makes me who I am, and I wouldn't change my life for any amount of money in the world. I live with my parents and younger brother, and I have a very small family. If I get the odd chance at spare time I spend it on my car. I love my car, my pride and joy. If I'm not driving country roads somewhere I'm cleaning it. I must say that during the summer months it must be the cleanest car in the town! That's about enough from me for now. I'll hopefully get more information up soon!