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Alexandra Bradshaw

**Alex is moving to Salt Lake City at the end of June to perform with Ririe Woodbury Dance Company. See below for special June class dates and details**



8:45a-10:00a Hatha @ ODC (ONLY June 14)

6:30-8:00p Power Flow (II-III) @ SATORI (final class JUNE 14)


11:00-12:00p Vinyasa @ SATYA (ONLY June 1 & June 8)

12:15-1:15p Vinyasa @ SATYA (ONLY June 1 & June 8)

4:00-5:15p Vinyasa (I-III) @ SATYA(final class JUNE 15)

5:30-7:00p Vinyasa (I-III) @ SATYA(final class JUNE 1)


8:45a - 10:00a Hatha @ ODC (ONLY June 16)

5:15-6:30p Mellow Flow (I-II) @ SATORI (final class JUNE 9)

Satori Yoga Studio: 40 1st St (SOMA)

Satya Yoga Studio: 241 Columbus Ave (NORTH BEACH)

ODC Dance Commons: 351 Shotwell St (MISSION)

Alex's hatha-flow teaching style blends elements from the Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga traditions. She also draws inspiration from various spiritual and somatic disciplines including Qigong Meditation, the Feldenkrais Method, Pilates, Gaga, and Classical/ Contemporary Dance. She brings over twenty years of yoga, dance, and somatic movement study to the yoga mat (RYT, YogaWorks; BA & BFA Univ. of California, Irvine). "Alex has a solid understanding of physiology and motion. She has an open, grounded, and thoughtful way of describing yoga asanas and concepts that brings out your own innate understanding and realization. She is a true living inspiration that has enriched my life." - Matt Davidson

Interested in Private Sessions or Corporate Classes? Email me.

Photo RJ Muna 2010