Antonio Carro

Prague, Praha, Czech Republic

Scrum Master at

Previously at CA Technologies:

Senior Product Manager and Product Owner

Senior Team Lead and Scrum Master

Quality Assurance Enginner and Scrum Master

Associate Software Enginner and Associate QA Engineer.

My first experience with programming was back in 1995 learning BASIC and bit later Delphi. Later I worked with Java, C, C++, plsql, Oracle Forms & Reports.

I've been MsAccess 2.0 DBA in an Atomic plant (not sure yet what was more interesting, the database to maintain or the work place).

I've worked at CA Technologies creating Database Management Solutions for IMS (yes, the one created for the Apollo program back in 1968) for z/OS.

Currently helping with the introduction of Agile methodologies and QA processes in the development center recently opened in Prague by 4Finance.

  • Work
    • Scrum Master at 4Finance