Andrew Denyer

Quedgeley, Gloucester, UK


Owner of UK-based company, Drive for Excellence Ltd, I am a results-driven professional with demonstrated expertise spearheading complex assessment efforts and ensuring total compliance with stakeholder requirements and best practices. As a collaborative team leader, I have extensive experience managing high-performing teams of specialists, maintaining close communication with all concerned parties, and providing hands-on training.

Proficient in the development and maintenance of highly effective assessment programmes, I utilise my comprehensive knowledge of quality and environmental standards. I am a key contributor and talented communicator with a total commitment to operational success and client satisfaction.

I bring professional Health and Safety knowledge into my business with the International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.


Scuba Diving: I really enjoy scuba-diving - the exhilarating experience you get, whether from just being a few metres below the water surface or deeper. I have dived in many different scenarios in my short career but have goals to explore underwater elsewhere in the world before too much longer...especially as I have just acquired a Dry Suit!

Photography: Despite having got the bug whilst in school, I can say that now I take photographs when I am diving too. Initially drawn to landscape photography, it continues to the present day, though I now find myself "snapping" away too. The excitement of getting film developed and the prints/contact strips back - oh for the good old days!

Genealogy: if I am going to mention the "good-old-days", then perhaps this brings up a third interest with genealogy/family history. I have spent many a day in records offices to verify what I have been told (maybe it's the quality professional coming out) to get a solid basis from which to work backwards - and so rewarding to figure out links.

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