Aaliyah Jay

Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am a self taught musician born into a family of singers and musicians. I took an early liking to many instruments, but was really fond of the drums and was given seasonal opportunities as a young girl growing up in church.

I stopped playing drums for a few years to focus on my musical exams for the other instruments that I play such as the violin and bass guitar but later picked up drumming again in 2010. My parents took me to many concerts where I would study and examine the house musicians and learnt a lot from them.

I have many inspirations both national and international all of which I try to use as reference in my own drumming. These inspirations include Morgan Simpson, Leon Small, Denise Thompson, Luke Campbell, Matthew Brown, Jesse Grant, Tony Royster Jr, Aaron Spears Joey Grant and many more.

I have received a few local and national awards over the last few years. Achievements that I am humbly proud of.