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ajeng dianing kartika

depok - west java - indonesia

Allah's follower | freelance tour guide | news junkie | writer wanna be | amien :)

i'm 24 years old girl who has passion in writing and language. i love learning language. for me language is another human's basic needs beside clothes, foods, and residence. every movement involves language. every thought needs language. every feeling is tied by language. even math needs language. no one knows the meaning of x+y=z before someone spell it and explain it by words. furthermore our silence is also language.

for me, reading is the new cool. open your books and let the words show you the world. those words will bring you thousand miles away to the place you never expected. you won't be able to expect how the smallest thing creates the biggest deal in life.

don't look back in anger or i will bring you in danger! LOL

you may be the stupid one but please don't be the useless one. even a donkey has merit for human's life :)

  • Education
    • sastra jerman - universitas negeri surabaya