Ajeng Ratri Ayudya Aerista

Jakarta, Indonesia

I am just a teenager who have a million dream in the world. I also called myself is "professional imaginer" but i think, it just the name. in the reallity i still give some act for it but i am not talking too much with other people, because i want the people don't need to knows what i want to do.

My dream is being people who could bring change for my country, and i think a younger in indonesia is a younger who have big entusiast for their country. So, actually indonesia have a lot of a younger who have a patriotic soul.

I want prove it to other people that i can to be a person who care with my country without having talking too much with your friend or other person. Just prove it! So, actually. I can love my country without having to love the goverment, but i will try to love the goverment too when Mr. Jokowi have become the president in indonesia hahaha. Let's get being a younger who love your country. Thankuu!😊😃

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