Al Amirah Jewellery

Small Business in London, United Kingdom

Al Amirah Jewellery

Small Business in London, United Kingdom

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Al Amirah's Philosophy:

Al-Amirah Jewellery (translated from Arabic- Princess) is a Modern Luxury Fashion Brand.

Each piece tells a story of history, philosophy, theology and mythology.

Dating back to the Mughal empire, the Mughal Royals had a love affair for anything beautiful and precious such as beauty, treasures, women.

Their philosophy can be seen firstly through their architecture.

The Taj Mahal, Combined of Persian & Islamic style was built from white Marble with the interior made from tiles inlaid with precious stones, gold and silver.

Our Purpose:

Whilst unfortunately not from the same era, there are many similarities we personally share with the Mughal times.

Our Culture:

The Arab & Pakistani family heritage. Their values (integrity & Loyalty). The love for precious stones & art.

We aim to make the intangible into tangible through our service offering and product. Taking our clients on a journey of history, culture and a rare love affair through our service, product display and finally the product itself.

Our 3 critical success factors are:

1. Sourcing:The best materials and workshops to ensure quality stones and craftsmanship.

2. Story Telling: Displaying a full story for the customer to engage with the product to ensure the perfect item has been selected.

3. Three Stage Service:Sincerity. Engagement. Customer Loyalty.

Our Customers:

Whilst the pieces are from Persian & Indian decent, that is not necessarily the customer segment we are targeting.

Every woman wants to be a princess, We are targeting women. Of all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds, all trends/styles.

The beauty about the Al-Amirah is the diversity, exactly how the world is today.

Our Collections:

1. The Mughal Princess Collection

2. The Contemporary Princess Collection

3. The Royal Wedding Collection