Ajeyo Patranabish

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Currently working in MGH group as Management Trainee in Strategic Planning Division. Interested in leadership program and want to contribute my best whenever get a chance to do so, on doing so I am a Bangladesh Youth Leadership( BYLC) graduate on Art and Practice of Leadership.Like to watch and review films. My aim is to promote films to the mass population in our country. Because a lot of good films are now being made in our country but they are remain unnoticed in the way they are supposed to be noticed and evaluated. Proper promotion of these films will make our economy as well as the film industry strong.

My dream is producing a program which will address different problems of Bangladesh to grow public awareness. Because the most common problems remain unsolved, only by public awareness it can be solved and make this country a better one.

  • Education
    • Past Sylhet Cadet College
    • Studying Marketing & Finance in North South University