AJ Fay

AJ Fay

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AJ Fay is a human rights activist, music lover, foodie and world traveler.

He believes in living a healthy, active lifestyle, positive thinking, and living life to the fullest.


He is a national activist leader for Sudan campaigns, a Core member of the Act for Sudan Alliance, and the Co-Founder of the Idaho Darfur Coalition. He was named Darfur Hero by the Save Darfur Coalition, and has been featured by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

He has volunteered with the International Rescue Committee, helping refugees resettle in the U.S.

He is a blood drive coordinator for the American Red Cross, and coordinated one of the largest blood drives in the U.S., he received the 2009 Clara Barton Award.

He has volunteered with and worked for Amnesty International USA as a Student Activist Coordinator. He has spoke at conferences and led workshops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and New Orleans. AIUSA campaigns he has worked on include: Death Penalty Abolition, Stopping Violence Against Women and Ending the Use of Torture and Extraordinary Rendition.

Focusing on at-risk youth, AJ worked for Mountain Homes Youth Ranch on the Utah/ Colorado border, in the field of Wilderness Therapy.


After years of leadership training, AJ has strengthened his creative and entrepreneurial skills. Effectively strategizing growth, innovation and managing businesses all around the world.

You can find him somewhere between North America and the Middle East, either in his role as Founder of Kaef Empire INC or Executive Director of Kamali & Partners (a boutique Financial Advisory firm specializing in Citizenship by Investment programs).

He is always looking for new business opportunities or to partner with organizations to expand his experiences and work towards a better world.

  • Education
    • University of Hawaii