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AJ Herzog

AJ Herzog

Hello, I am AJ.

After completing my Strengths Quest, I learned that my five strengths are woo, communication, strategic, includer and restorative. One strength that I believe fit me the most was woo. I enjoy meeting people and often try my best for people to like me. I am always willing to start relationships with new people and to make new connections in my life. This nearly defines the term woo according to Gallup, which is why I feel that this particular strength was very accurate. I would say that this strength has allowed me to create a strong social network and has allowed me to make many friends in my personal, work, and school life.

I enjoyed the First Year Success Series assignments. This allowed me to learn about different aspects that affect my life. If it were not for having the assignment, I probably would not gotten this experience and learned the lessons that I did involving finances, sustainability, and other things. I am sure that I will be able to use the things I learned in many different aspects of my life, including building credit.

I also really enjoyed the Lessons From a First Year Buckeye assignment at the end of the semester. Writing the lessons I learned during my first semester of college really helped me reflect on not only one the things I have learned, but also how I have grown over these past few weeks. I have learned lessons that will help me improve my social, academic, and personal life.