Aji Suhadi

I have been spent time in many places in my isles country of Indonesia. my Chilhood in Bandung, a mountainous city called Parisj van Java as a fashion mode city since Nederland imperialism era till now.

Jakarta become my crazy metropolitan youngster which i hated then decided to spent high school in a cozy city called Regenstad ur Buitenzork of Bogor city within plenty pretty class mates group called Papaopat.

It was lucky did not possible to continue my military special force enjoyment to replaced my father carrier in building the country. A Mineral Exploration Geology professional grouped by SEG, IAGI and MGEI entered me to survive in remote area by face the real life with a very wide spectrum of land and people differences during my travel documented by lovely Olympus OM_slr and Nikon D_dslr series give me a chance to lend my hand...

Since then, life is in reality to build national character from the nucleus by ESQ 165 inner energy; emptiness.

My hometown is Macassar, a sea shore has a traditional phinisi boat have been sail till Madagascar-South Africa, Formosa-Taiwan and Darwin-Australia since very long ages, so we are Indonesian already complete global community.

Enriched global tectonic setting entered me to explore hydrothermal mineral over the country till British Columbia by Global Mining Company such as Freeport Indonesia, Billiton BV, Harita Jaya Raya, BHP Billiton, Hillgrove Resources, and Anglo American those are zero harm and economic sustainable development orientation make me one heart to share good think for all stakeholder.

Life is a journal and photography is the way to documented it without any disturbance. It became more exiting while listening jazz music with my basic team work of lovely Princess Lely Anas Hasan a mix blood lady of chinese-malaya and makassar, and 3 sons called Adly Samudera Wicaksena football player, Achmad Bintang Waskitajati a star in town, and the little Aghil Imam Wirajaya who prepared become an universal leader in global economic sustainability.

Life is real enjoyment with depth heart to share one world by hand to lend of Rotary Club RC 3400 Panakukang. Blog WWW.Talkfusion.com/1104035