Ajim Bagwan

Pune, Maharashtra

| A Traveler Passing Through | A Happy Wanderer | An Idealist | Optimist | Dreamer | A Bohemian Wannabe | Sapiosexual | Introvert | Seeker of Silences & Solitude | An avid follower of quality Movies - Music - Literature..and almost everything under the sun. | Passionate about Life and the Simplest things it offers..so Happy and at Peace with self. |

I dream of a better world with universal brotherhood, where there are no boundaries, no religions, no racism, no wars, no hatred..everyone living in peace & harmony with each other..and pursuing happiness in it's true sense..

  • Work
    • Sears Holdings India
  • Education
    • Kalyansagar Medium School paranda Dist. Osmanabad
    • KBP Jr. College, Vinchur Dist. Nashik
    • PVG COET
    • University of Pune
    • PVG - Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Engineering and Technology