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Antonio Alonso Jiménez Nambao

I live in Chiapa de Corzo

I'm from Chiapa de Corzo, I grew up with four brothers, forthe school I moved to Cintalapa de Figueróa, Chiapas to estudy in CBTis 169, I'ma clinical laboratory technical. I work in Secretaria de Salud delestado de Chiapas and nowadays I'm studying Biomedical Engineering in UniversidadPolitecnica de Chiapas actually I’ll finish the first period, my aspirationsare work as a biomedical engineer in Hospital de especialidades pediatricas, theinvestigation in that field and innovation of health technology.

Finally I’m an entrepreneurpursuit of the excellence in the creation of my own business, a home and a family.

  • Work
    • Hospital de especialidades pediatricas
  • Education
    • Técnico laboratorista clínico, egresado del CBTis 169