Ajir Salim

Father, Musician, and Goverment employee in Gorontalo, Indonesia

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"Muhadjir Salim" is my name, my friends used to call "ajir0", I have a face that is quite interesting and can be said handsome: D. as a boy I really like the things associated with art, whether painting or music. I am the only child of the mother named Salma Usman and father named Siradjudin Salim, my parents are both teachers in junior high school, since the age of 5 years old my mother died and then my father got married again, I also live together with my aunt, and brought me up to date this.
I really like everything about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, Silverchair, which inspired me a lot over the years, I have a band called "The Pluck" the genre of Pop Punk, a band that has long existed in Gorontalo since 2003, and has made ​​an EP album and I am very proud of my band.
at the beginning of 2010 I worked on the Gorontalo provincial government until now, and I got married in January 2011 with "Eka Yuliana". she was the woman I was dating since the senior high school and I finally married her, and on October 21 my daughter was born weighing 1.9 pounds due to preterm birth seven months, my beautiful daughter was named "Mezzaluna Ierly Malika Salim" and I love my daughter more than whatever. and on 30 October 2014 my son was born " Alkahfi Ataris Salim " a child who is strong and handsome like his father 😂

  • Work
    • Gorontalo province goverment