Ajit verma


This a sample biography written for Ajit verma that creates an accurate representation ofajit life.History:

Born in a small janari farm on february 11, 1992, ajitverma began his journey through life. Ajit was the youngest son of TimeOfficer Ramji verma and his wife smt.dewanti verma, a hard working man, raised his three children in a very disciplined way. It was from here that ajit learned much of his punctuality.

Ajit, after leaving home at age 18, decided to move to a work. He went to and became a employers for several years. He enjoyed his job, but yearned to get a college education. . . Soon he made his decision that he was going to study to become a engineering.

He always responded "that this is something I enjoy doing and when I feel I am making progress, I realize how beneficial my work is." As you can see, John was a very hard working man.

He ended up finishing his work and retiring at the age of 21.


Ajit at the age of 20 found his true calling in life. Ajit wanted to be a engineering. His whole life he felt a strong connection with different attributes of machinary. Ajit always believed that we were bound together in the machinery in one way or another. that he was right in his assumptions.

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