Ajit Nair

Though his business headquarters are across the globe from his hometown of Mumbai, India, entrepreneur Ajit Nair employs a work ethic that is closely tied to his roots. Currently CEO of ProV International, a global information technology solutions firm based in Tampa, Florida, Ajit Nair’s integrity sustained him from his childhood, through the trials of higher education and into the world of global business. Raised Hindu, Ajit Nair attended Catholic school and learned to adhere to the strong social and personal responsibilities that both belief systems promote. Despite finding success in academics, sports, and his social life, he still felt a desire to contribute to his community and found himself drawn to helping orphan children. His drive to succeed, please his family, and help his community guided Nair through an undergraduate degree at Bombay University, where he studied engineering. His work ethic continued to serve him well through economic difficulties when he attended Utah State University. There, he worked as a late-night janitor and a reporter for the student newspaper while attending graduate-level courses. Ajit Nair graduated with a Master of Business Administration and in part attributes the success of ProV International to the life lessons learned during his time as a student. ProV International is not the first successful business founded by Ajit Nair. Previously, he started Aces International, a multimillion-dollar systems integration company which he sold to a large tech firm in 2003. Nair relocated from Silicon Valley to Tampa, Florida, shortly thereafter and began ProV International. Not content to create a company based on a cookie-cutter business model, Nair infuses ProV International with his values and beliefs. ProV International employees and shareholders are valued members of a family founded on fairness, reliability, and success. He extends his familial approach to clients of ProV International by stressing quality, integrity, and the value of long-term relationships. Ajit Nair maintains his strong work ethic and dedication to the community as a member of The Indus Entrepreneurs, a group of Indian entrepreneurs who focus on growing businesses in their native communities. He also continues to contribute to the needs of orphans.