Ajit Sinha

Software Engineer in Bengaluru, India

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Hi Everyone,

I am from Rourkela, a city of Odisha state in India. I born and bought up here with all my dreams and whatever I have achived till now. I have a wonderful memories and a good knowledge of my town. I'm Loving it in Rourkela for its beautiful seneric and well established Industrial town with lots of good people near around me.

In my life at one stage I have never thought that i can reach here where I am right now, but if you want to achieve something then you have it if you are a true from heart.

I love all who ever support me to bring me at this level where people recognised me, Trust me, have faith in me and most important they have Believe in me.

Thanks all of you who are dear and near to me for making me a good person and a self dependent one in my life. I can and will achieve many things in my life.

My friends and my family I love you all for being there in different phases of my life.


Ajit Kumar Sinha