Ajmain Akil Abid


I'm a stubborn person with lots of dreams to make them true. I like to travel, like to travel into a speedy bus. I also like to discover new places and make friends with new people. I love everything around myself.
I don't know what can I do, but I know I can do anything whatever and whenever when it is needed. Movies are my life and actually I am living lithrough movies. At the end of the time it will be like that I have lived about thousands of years :D .
Enough of this fun talks and there is nothing actually to talk about.
i believed that Pray is an Amazing Exchange.we should always try to be happy in a sensable way and i think that all we need in life are equality,respect and loyalty.i am doing mass.com just because of my r.j ,journalistic and editing in production skills.my smile is my power of living in my surroundings.

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    • Student of Class 9