Alvaro Monzon

Guatemala City, Guatemala, Guatemala

Alvaro Monzon is a still growing soccer player in Futeca Cayala, Guatemala. He has always played soccer since he was very little. His love for soccer was really big (and is still really big) but he was never in a soccer team until 2012 because of school. Then he joined Acton Academy Guatemala and had more time to play for a soccer team, so he joined Futeca. In Acton Academy Guatemala he has advanced more in his passion (soccer) and more in what he needs to do in order to get to where he wants to be when he grows up.

Now it’s time for you to know a bit more about Alvaro. As you already know, he really likes to play soccer. He goes to soccer training four days a week, an hour and a half each day. At Acton Academy Guatemala he also plays soccer in breaks and lunches. Something that you really don’t know about him and it’s weird for a soccer player to do it is to ride a dirt bike and practice motocross and enduro. He started liking motocross and enduro when he was about 11 years old. His dad was always telling him that it was really dangerous and since he plays soccer he could break some bone and maybe stop playing soccer. Finally when he was 14 his dad saw that enduro racing was not too dangerous, so he gave Alvaro a dirt bike. He is actually practicing in a motocross track because that helps him also to get better. He started practicing more and more every month and now he is also a still growing dirt bike rider. But he takes dirt bike racing more like a big hobby, not like soccer that is his true passion.

Alvaro as you already know loves playing soccer and dirt bike racing. But his whole life isn’t just about those two things. He also enjoys a lot to create things or just do and build things. Alvaro likes to build things and Acton does a business fair every year. In the business fair every student creates their own product and then they have to sell it. For the business fair Alvaro built a mini PVC soccer goal. That was his first business fair and it went really well for him because he managed to sell all of his product. He was always thinking that he was never going to be good to sell things or to build things but that day he realized that he could, and that he was not bad at doing it. He is into a project right now with his brother. His brother likes mountain biking a lot, Alvaro also likes mountain biking. They are building a ramp in their neighborhood’s forest. Since there are a lot of jumps there they also have

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