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Antonio José Moya Díaz

Granada, Spain

I believe in motivation as the fuel for action and what motivates me the most are challenges. I enjoy testing my skills to reach goals as a way to grow. In my experiences as a volunteer at international events, I have also felt an excitement for working in a multicultural environment with tasks and problems that had to be dealt with at the same time.

I am very passionate about sound so I focused my studies in digital signal processing, especially related with audio, and acquired my major expertise in speech processing, area in which I developed my final dissertation. I have also some valuable experience working with images and, in general, I like DSP applied to any multimedia data. I am also interested in the possibilities of audio signal processing in music technology and the mooc course about audio signal processing for music apps that I attended made me felt captivated by the field of Music Information Retrieval.

Currently, I’m looking for a new challenge, the one of launching my career as an engineer in any of my areas of interest while keeping on improving my skills.

  • Work
    • Digital Heritage International Conference 2015
  • Education
    • Universidad De Granada