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Amber Josephine Liu

Seoul, south korea

I'm Roleplayer of @llama_ajol a.k.a amber F(x)

Love my dragon @EXOWuFanKris_'s ♥

My Beloved eomma @LM_fxVic

My Beloved Sulli @Love_FxSulli

My beloved Krystal @X94_fxKrystal

My Agency @Korea_roleplay .


i miss the first member in LE : sulli, vic eomma, Lauren, pei, jia, hyunah, key, Bom, Min, suzy, chanyeol, yoona, sunny, taeyeon, seulong, hyoyeon, sooyoung, tiffany, seohyun, kyuhyun, ara, namjoo, yooyoung, dongho, ahreum, jaejoong, jiyeon, hyomin, changmin ahhhhh all member LE ;~;

I'm part of #Ngalongers #RapperSquad #92sUnited #SMntFams #draculaclan #ImmaParody #sundaunited #LEFams

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