josh wills

Hi, My name is A. Josh Wills and I live in Brazil. I’m a self published author and a father. I’m currently writing a children's book called "Little Tooky and The Mysterious Island".
I enjoy Drawing, Italian food, playing football, reading and handicraft. I enjoy writing for kids. Back in 2014 wrote my first book "Little Tooky", that turned into a series. Then I was inspired to do more and more stories. I Love to listen Vivaldi's music when I'm working. My favourite book is Holy Scripture. I've always loved drawing and telling stories for my children. I love my pets, actually have 6 pets (1 horse, 2 dogs & 3 cats). I think that is very important in teaching children to respect animals at a younger age. I hate movies that showing animals of unnatural way, with highlight only the violence. I hope that kids enjoy my stories, and learning about animals. By the way, this is mine partner Boris.