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Adam Prokosch

Awesome! You found me! Since you took the effort of looking me up I want to offer my deepest gratitude for your interest in me and I hope this short biography will reward your efforts with some insight on my personal history and experiences.

As of today I have accumulated a mix of paid and volunteer experience on the following tall-ships: LADY WASHINGTON, HAWAIIAN CHIEFTAIN, SULTANA, AMISTAD, AMERICAN PRIDE, SPIRIT OF MASSACHUSETTS, HARVEY GAMAGE, WENDAMEEN, BAGURRA, TOLE MOUR, LIBERTY CLIPPER and survived the sinking of HMS BOUNTY. I have also acquired a captain’s license (100ton master inland, sail endorsement) 200ton mate near coastal, AB special, STCW Basic Safety Training and STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft. Currently I am a sailing instructor at Linekin Bay Resort in Boothbay, Maine and building small boats in their boat shop. You can follow my boat building blog at

That about sums it up. I hope I have adequately expressed my interest in sailing. However, I don't feel I have described in enough detail my passion for matenance especially when applied to wooden boats. Nor have I brought up my commitment to a clean environment. But I set out with the intention of keeping this bio short so it must end somewhere so I will leave you with a plea to click the Email Me button above and contact me if you are interested in having me aboard your boat or if you want more information on the boat that I am buiding.


Adam Prokosch