Xiao Lucas


Recollections of the pasts, I am a stupid boy. I just know to study and I am a bookworm in middle school. I’m just like a robot and my parents are control me. Study, study, study are all my life for that time.
Now I am high school student. I have many friends and like many things. My thought have big change. I also have a dream now. It is to be a videogame player.
In the future, I want to be a game player. I am interested in play games. And I am very enjoy play games. And I will have competitions with other countries top players. And that is life what I want.

LOL is made by Riot company. Now, it is found all over the world. No matter boys or girls, youth or the old. They all can play it and enjoy it.

DN is made by SHENGDA company. It’s used very famous, but now still have many person play it. It’s a 3D Internet Game. It’s very test your skill. So it’s not very easy to play well.

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