Aron Susman

Chief Financial Officer in New York

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I am one of the co-founders and the CFO of TheSquareFoot. This company has not only afforded me the opportunity to manage accounting and finance, but to integrate product, sales, and marketing. In my five years at TheSquareFoot, one of my roles included guiding the product team, which required extensive knowledge of data and analytics to deliver ROI, and close collaboration with each major team within our company. I’m not only used to wearing many hats—I genuinely enjoy the multiple job responsibilities. I flourish in an environment where no two work days are the same.

Throughout my career, which started at Deloitte, I have learned how to create dynamic and complex budgets and models, work with banks, raise financing, as well as establish relationships and rapport between finance and the other functional areas to develop an efficient organization. I have spent a considerable amount of time as an early employee diving into data to find opportunities, trends, and gaps to create product - market fits.

  • Work
    • TheSquareFoot
  • Education
    • University of Texas at Austin