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andrew smith

International Research Manager in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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academic - scientific - public sectors

contract delivery - budget control

governance - ethics

communication infrastructure - public outreach - team building

Graduated 1980: Cambridge University Economics Tripos

I worked for international businesses in UK to 1995 when our family moved to New Zealand.

I was Senior Economist at science-engineering-environmental-infrastructure consultancy, then Corporate Planner at Dunedin City Council and Strategy Advisor at NZ Institute for Crop & Food Research.

I returned to England in 2006 as Executive Manager - Major Projects for the Biomedical Science Department of Sheffield University, the admin lead for a portfolio of EU-funded projects.

To 2011 at Sheffield University I managed the EU projects EStools and IPODD.

2010-12 I helped develop MC ITN TRUST at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, supported participation by Sheffield in EuroStemCell and RoboCom, and of DMU in THE ISSUE.

At Glasgow University I managed IBIS EU Project.

Since 2014 I am at University of Edinburgh as Project / Centre Manager with the Administrative Data Research Centre - Scotland.