Adriaan van der Hek

After finishing my studies I started working at KPN. Then I joined IMTech and worked as technical consultant at ING and Achmea. In 2000 I moved to World Online at the peak of the Internet bubble. In my second month World Online went public and the rough ride began. World Online rebranded to Tiscali. As Sales manager for Tiscali Business, I experienced the true dynamics of the Internet. After over 5 years I moved to ilocal as Marketing and Sales manager. We started from scratch and grew to 50 FTE in 1,5 years. After Wegener bought 50% of the shares, I moved to Compare Group in November 2006 to lead operations. On a daily base this means I determined and kept track of priorities and resource assignment of operations. In October 2010 I decided to join libersy. As Managing Director my main task is to speed up growth. We are now growing double digits each month.

My passions are the dynamics of the Internet, bringing out the best in people and I'm driven by commercial success. I got a lot of inspiration from the books "Good to Great" by Jim Collins and "Now discover your strenghts" by Marcus Buckingham. Also the Predictive Index Methodology inspired and helped me to understand people.