A.K. Shoots  [アンデイ]

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Artist in Präfektur Tokio, Japan

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My name is Andi. I am a photo- and videgrapher, artist and writer. I shoot various genres of photography like portrait, fashion and architecture. Moreover I shoot and edit advertising-, music videos and short films.

In my private work I try to combine appealing elements from art and design of various traditional and subcultural sources. Sometimes with deep philosophical, sometimes with no meaning at all. Either way, the product is always something that has not existed before, something that you may or may not think about.

I also use flickr, tumblr and youtube as a kind of personal archive. You will find some of my contract works next to private projects and travel albums.

As a M.A. graduate of the University of Heidelberg I am also author of various articles in the field of philosophy (metaphysics, aesthetics) as well as short stories.

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