Andreas Kühn

Heidelberg, Germany

Hi, my name is Andi and I`m a photo- and videographer located in the city of Heidelberg, Germany. I am graduated in Philosophy and Psychology (BA), currently working on my MA. Since four years I have been a self-taught Photographer and an enthusiastic autodidact. I filmed stuff for my whole youth but got passionate about editing and filmmaking three years ago. My commissional work is mostly architecture and interiour photography, allthough my private interest is conceptual art photography. My private projects are a mixture of portrait, travel, street/cityscape and studio artwork in different fields. I also shoot imagefilms, but my private videoprojects are a mixture of music- and SOC- videos.

If you are interested in my work have a look at the links below and feel free to contact me directly:

Thank you for looking at my work.

  • Work
    • photographer, videoartist, writer, student,
  • Education
    • BA Philosophy and Psychology
    • currently MA Philosophy